Environmental Wipers

With the aim of providing paramount Waste Management services Biz – Xperts a premier Waste Management Company has launched a new venture “Environmental Wipers" in Punjab region. Our aim is to provide comprehensive range of waste management services to our customer, communities & environment. Why we are level above in Industry is due to fact that we are not only waste experts indeed we are blend of Enviro Engineering with mission to provide solutions to industry beyond just getting rid of waste rather we will convert it into useful resource as Fuel.

   Environmental Wipers shall provide a wide range of services encompassing:

  • Waste Collection: All kind of organic, inorganic , hazardous & non hazardous.
  • Waste Disposal: Landfill and Incineration.
  • Recovery: Composting , Resource Recovery, Waste minimization& Recycling.
  • Training & Awareness: Capacity Building to provide complete mechanism in form of Procedures & Rules Implementation Human Resource development and awareness on legal matters of handling all kind of waste.
  • Waste Water: Hazardous & Liquid waste, Product destruction & Waste water treatment Plants.
  • Waste to Energy: Gasification , RDF ( Residual Derived Fuel ) manufacturing to convert waste into fuel for Gasifiers & Gensets.

Our team of technical experts will provide solutions to industry to get rid of their Waste by providing Training & awareness on how to handle solid & liquid waste incorporating state-of-art methodologies of disposal as per international practices. We lead environmentally responsible practice in the field of waste management, committing substantial physical & commercial resources to the pursuit of the innovation & maintenance of highest environmental standards. We will be one window solution for all your non productive activities related to Waste Management.