Total Waste Management

Bizxperts management, manpower and operational systems provide high levels of efficiency and services in total waste management. The provision of qualified personnel ensures that all recyclable material is correctly segregated at source facilitating clients with a direct benefit through a reduction of disposal costs to landfill.

Collection Cleaning & Removal

House Hold , municipal , corporate you name it and we are there to provide you collection & removal services at your Door step. The array of services are not limited to above but also include sanitation & cleaning services for your events, programs , conference & Debris removal

We have an extensive fleet of special application vehicles used for collection, transportation & disposal of all forms of Liquid & Solid waste.

We provide machine and hand sweeping services for the cleaning of roads, sidewalks and public spaces such as airports.

Healthcare Waste

Healthcare waste is the most hazardous waste for environment & people and need very dedicated & sophisticated approach for proper disposal. We operate state-of-the-art, healthcare risk waste incinerator facilities with various certified vendors at present. All incoming waste is documented over a weigh bridge and specific waste streams are stored under refrigerated conditions pending treatment.

Hazardous Waste Disposal & Waste Incinerator

We offers a diverse range of waste management services for solid and liquid hazardous waste in lieu of a set of strict, technical procedures, in compliance with current legislation & EPA standards in an environmental friendly manner.

This includes corrosive, reactive, flammable and other dangerous wastes. The services range from advice on neutralization technologies by selection of most appropriate option for the safe disposal of hazardous waste.

Our own new Incinerator is in process of installation and soon we will be proving Incineration services throughout Punjab

Resource Recycling & Recovery

We have extensive experience and expertise in the provision of waste management systems that incorporate the recovery and recycling of suitable materials. Methods used can vary from an on-site service where the full sorting of recyclate is achieved, to the segregation and streaming of potential recyclate. Here the removal of the “dry” mixed recyclate to one of our own premises allows sorting to be carried out at a dedicated Material Recycling Facility