Specialized Industrial Cleaning

At Biz Xperts we are blend of Engineers & Environmentalist and this is where we provide cutting edge services to Industry. The Specialised Industrial Cleaning team includes both specialized cleaning and spill response services to the majority of clients in the oil and gas industry. Operations are based in Sindh and KPK at present. The reach of service is however national and we collaborates extensively, where appropriate on projects, with other divisions.


  • We offers all standard industrial cleaning services, as well as specialized services such as chemical cleaning, tank de-sludging, inert tank entry and cleaning processes. A highly specialized fleet of vehicles, plant and machinery supports this process.


  • High pressure cleaning ranges from as little as 100 bars to 1200 bar of water pressure. This application is suitable for cleaning tanks, tubes, structures and plant floors where scale deposits are minimal or soft.


  • Vacuum cleaning is the fastest and safest way to remove sludge or liquid from tanks, sumps and drains. A powerful vacuum system and a 10m³ vacuum tank ensure optimum performance. All units are designed to restrict risks relating to ignition sources in the event of flammable materials being present. When the tank is full, the waste can be transported to a landfill site for safe disposal.


  • Using a self-propelled bundle puller, we offers a solution to remove, clean and install heat exchangers... This compact and dual steering bundle puller is designed to pull a large number of bundles during turnarounds and can be operated by one technician. Our technicians are trained on both the self-propelled and aerial bundle pullers to offer clients a wider choice of expertise.